The Truth about Christmas


The truth about Christmas? How many really desire to know the truth about this well-loved and enjoyed festival?

I know that when we were challenged by the Holy Spirit about the issue, it took a great deal of faith to change a lifetime habit, and further, to explain to our friends and families our change of stance on the subject.

We risk sharp comments, we risk ‘unfriending,’ we risk being thought of as ‘strange’ or ‘odd.’ Sometimes we could go so far as to say we risk family dissension and even break up so strongly are we tied to tradition and carnal enjoyment.

However, the holy Spirit was given to us to ‘lead us into all truth’. Are we willing, as believers to take those risks in order to follow the Master?

Please take time to read our article on the subject   If the link doesn’t work, just copy and paste the following in your browser:

and to allow the holy Spirit to show you just how pagan the actual roots are. He desires us to be separated unto Him. Are you willing to take that risk in order to please your Father?



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