Easter – should we, as believers in Yahshua observe Easter?

Easter  is not originally a Christian name. It actually had its origins long ago, and as far away as Chaldea, the present Iraq,
originally the place of Abraham’s birth. Easter is nothing but Astarte, one of the titles of Beltis, the queen of heaven, whose name, as pronounced by the people of Nineveh, was evidently identical with that now in common use in this country named Easter. Later, it spread across from Chaldea to Europe as Christian scholars and historians relate.

Should it therefore, not be avoided? Yahweh has always desired that His people should leave behind the trappings of
pagan worship. Throughout the Scriptures we read how Yahweh desires His people to be pure from idolatry, and the consequences caused by flirtation with Babylonian practises.

Should we as Christians, believers in the death and resurrection of Yahshua (called Jesus by the many) propagate this gospel of Easter with all its ‘trappings’ borrowed from pagan worship? One man recently said to me, “When I came to know Jesus, I had been a liar, but now I will not tell my children lies. The Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs and all the other ‘trimmings’ of this Festival have nothing whatever to do with my Saviour and what happened to Him at Passover. I will tell my children the truth. There was, in His day no Festival observed, called by the name Easter. He died at the Feast of Passover, and that is what I will teach them.”

Why indeed, should we need all these excesses when the facts are real enough. The correct story of the death and amazing resurrection of our Saviour is the most dynamic and exciting story we could ever relate to our children.

Chocolate eggs, candy, parties, presents and treats. What does a child make of all this self indulgence? Is it teaching him/her anything about Yahshua? (Jesus)  I would argue to the negative. Let us speak the truth in our hearts and relate it to our children. They will trust us when they find out that what we are teaching them is truth.

I will always remember the horror I felt when I discovered that my parents had lied to me about the existence of Santa Claus. It reduced my opinion of them dramatically, and caused me further difficulties when they asked me to trust them in other areas of my life.
Being formerly a teacher, I will never forget the passionate outburst in one of my classes when I was teaching 10 year-olds about the Christian Calendar. There was an argument during a discussion session between two pupils.

“Miss!” called out the enraged young girl, “That boy said there was no Easter Bunny! I know there is one Miss, my Mummy and Daddy said so, and I believe it! Miss, tell them he was wrong, there is an Easter Bunny, isn’t there, tell him Miss!”

She was passionate, she risked her reputation on her beliefs which she totally trusted from her parents’ teaching – do YOU think that this is right, to purposely mislead our children into the lies about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and other myths concocted by pagan man?

Read more about EASTER on the website: http://www.restoreallisrael.com/Easter.html

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