Welcome to our Blog page for our website:  http://www.restoreallisrael.com

We are delighted to welcome you to our blog page, and we hope that you will find great delight in reading both ours and others’ thoughts and question/answer times. Also, feel free to share your thoughts, inspirations, revelations and testimonies. We would value positive contributions which will uplift and edify all who share in these pages.

We hope that all of you who read this blog will be edified and uplifted, and will enjoy your time with us.

Serving you,
Peter and Elisabeth Avallone.

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Blessings beloved it is good to be re in touch with you both (Pastor Len TBS Ministry). Album intro sounds good have purchased using Pay Pal.
    Blessings in Christ Jesus our Saviour Yah’shua.


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